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Ben Dover Newspaper PhotoExcerpts from a 1990 Jackson Progress Argus newspaper article about Ben Dover and Dover Realty:

“Dover set a goal for his new real estate company to make 12 sales in 1975. “would be one a month; I figured I could do that”, Dover remembered. The goal was met and exceeded in 1975. Dover made 15 sales that first year.”

“In 1989 Dover Realty made 165 sales totaling $7 million.”

“Born and raised in Butts County, Dover graduated from JHS in 1968. He went on to Georgia Southwestern College in Americus and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.”

“Dover continued, “Real estate has been real good to me. The people  of Butts County and the surrounding counties have been real good to us. For without them, we would not be here. Dover said the goals for the company for 1991 were being set this week. And we bet when you look back at the end of 1991, Dover will have met those goals.  He’s just that type of person.”

2016 Update

Ben Dover

Ben Dover

And he did! As time continued on, the real estate market took off like never before in Butts and the surrounding counties.

Persons from all walks of life wanted to be a real estate salesperson. Ben has personally trained over 50 salespersons working with Dover Realty Co., Inc, some of whom have gone on to become real estate brokers with their own real estate companies. A

As the years have quickly passed, Ben has experienced many changes in the market, many can remember interest rates ranging from 10-18% on mortgage loans. Lenders requiring 20-30% down on home loans, the early 2000’s saw new regulation allowing mortgages with 0% down payment on new home purchases.

Dover Realty Co., Inc is no longer part of the ERA Real Estate Franchise, but continues to monitor the constantly changing market, one thing is certain, Ben will continue to give all prospective sellers of property, persons wanting to buy real estate, or those i needing appraisal services, his utmost attention to their needs.

1990 Jackson Progress Argus Article About Dover Realty

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